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Afrikado: changing lifes

Afrikado surprises you with modern, creative and affordable hand made gifts & fashion items and
home decorations. But these are not just products: they help changing the lives of the people that make them.

The Afrikado Dream: social impact

We work together with Minalyn Nicklin of Life Beads in Naivasha, Kenya, an area nearby Nairobi. Please see the interview on YouTube on this page.

Minalyn started already many years ago with volunteer work and created an atelier (workshop) where youngsters, street children and women with a difficult background are being helped by getting their lives back together through education and work.

This makes them more independent and gives them the possibility to develop their talents, make an own living and motivate others to do so as well. This creates a domino effect. Over 100 people are helped through this programme in the past years, which is possible by the income made by selling the products made in the workshop.

The products with the Afrikado brand are sold via Xpol: mostly in combination with flower bouquets the products are sold in several supermarket chains throughout Europe.

So by buying Afrikado products you help many others.

[Click on YouTube to see interview]

Programmes that help changing lives

When starting in the workshop, there are educational programmes: streetchildren and youngsters receive a scholarship. The educations are meant for professions in the practical and future proof fields. Such as electricians studies and carpentry studies.

Women are given scholarships for several studies, with the goal te get a degree.

After the studies many have jobs or start their own business, such as in the cooking or culinary field, or opening a carpentry shop.

Some facts

The year that afrikado was founded

Local scholarships realised

Variations in products and gifts

Meters recycled materials used

Countries of sales products

Percentage of the positive impact


Afrikado products are made in the atelier in Kenya and sold in stores throughout Europe. Each product is a result of a co-creation between the African and Dutch partners: African creativity reaching the rest of the world.


Through this cooperation new opportunities are created to invest and improve life for all of us.


Where possible we re-use materials, such as leather of old aircraft seats provided by international airlines.

At Naivasha, Kenya

A new building was developed in 2016, with good working conditions.

Throughout the world

Afrikado items are sold throughout Europe. From France up to Scandinavia.

Global goals

With Afrikado we participate in supporting a number of the Global Sustainable Goals.

Re-use of leather seats

In this video you can see how materials of Southwest Airlines airplane seats are given a second life in the workshops in Kenya. Meet Minalyn at 3:14 in the video, where she tells something about her experience.


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