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Afrikado surprises you with modern, creative and affordable hand made gifts & fashion items,
home decorations and textiles. Directly from the makers.


Afrikado products are made in several production studios in Kenya and sold in stores throughout Europe. Each product is a result of a co-creation between the African and Dutch partners: African creativity reaching the rest of the world.


Through this cooperation new opportunities are created to invest and improve life for all of us. The employees at Afrikado often start from less convenient circumstances and are provided with training, education and jobs. Buying Afrikado products not only means buying cool African art gifts, but also helps changing lives.


Where possible we re-use materials, such as leather of old aircraft seats provided by international airlines. Other materials used are (new) surpluses, now made into nice products.

Afrikado studios

This is where the production takes place. A new production studio was developed in 2016, creating work for 30 people.

Africa 2.0

The Afrikado central office is situated in Nairobi, the economical center of East Africa. With the highest rate of mobile phone use and tremendous developments in IT and communication.

Throughout the world

Afrikado items are sold throughout Europe. From France up to Scandinavia.

Global goals

With Afrikado we participate in supporting a number of the Global Sustainable Goals.

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Minalyn Nicklin 750 480

creating possibilities

The Afrikado story starts in 2011 with the wish to bring creative and affordable African hand made products to a large group of consumers in Europe on a commercial basis. In this way we create business, share prosperity and know how. We believe that this is how global business should work: based on mutual growth, trust and development. We are proud to see that more and more African gifts are finding their way to European stores.

Afrikado products are made in several production studios in Kenya, co-created and sold in close cooperation with Xpol platform in The Netherlands.

Re-use of leather seats

In this video you can see how materials of Southwest Airlines airplane seats are given a second life in the workshops in Kenya. Meet Minalyn at 3:14 in the video, where she tells something about her experience.


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